DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers

Through January 19, 2020

What kind of hero will you be? Leap into action alongside iconic Super Heroes from the DC UNIVERSE™—including BATMAN™, SUPERMAN™, and WONDER WOMAN™—when DC SUPER HEROES™: Discover Your Superpowers swings into The Strong. Learn about the importance of teamwork, self-discovery, and strength as you solve problems, fight for justice, and battle villains in a series of hands-on, fast-paced challenges. Try on capes and pose alongside popular heroes.


  • Step into hero headquarters and find out which super villains are causing trouble in the streets.
  • Answer calls from heroes to find out how to save the day.


  • Solve puzzles to defeat THE JOKER™ and repair the BAT-SIGNAL™.
  • Check out clues left behind by supervillains, including CATWOMAN™, POISON IVY™, and THE RIDDLER™.


  • Test your hand speed and reaction time in the GREEN LANTERN™ Circuit Challenge, where two players go head-to-head pressing buttons in a specific sequence.
  • Try to beat THE FLASH™ in a virtual race.

The Docks

  • Test your balance skills by leaping onto the backs of sea turtles to cross over water.
  • Help CYBORG™ save AQUAMAN™ from the evil BLACK MANTA™.
  • Work as a team to protect ocean habitats and rescue a stranded dolphin, then surf back to shore on fish-shaped balance boards.

The Museum of Ancient History

  • Work with BATGIRL™ to recover a stolen artifact by navigating the “laser maze.”
  • Use speed and accuracy to assist Wonder Woman in lassoing the stolen artifact.
  • Fend off THE CHEETAH™ to save the day.

Presented in the Fidelis Care Gallery at The Strong. JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. WB SHIELD: © & ™ WBEI. (s19)