Ernie's Alphabet

Ernie has lost his letters! Students help Ernie find his letters by using environmental clues to point the way to where they are hidden in the Sesame Street exhibit. During their search, students practice letter identification and letter-sound recognition. This lesson can be expanded to include word-building and word-play.

Lesson Extensions for Before or After Your Visit

The following activities are designed for your class to enjoy before or after your museum visit. Familiarizing students with the lesson concepts can enrich your museum experience.

Names in the Classroom

Provide opportunities for children to use their names in a variety of ways in the classroom.

• Create name cards with children’s names and photos. Use the cards to call children to transition to the next classroom activity, to have students “sign in” at the beginning of class, or to “sign up” for an activity.
• Keep name cards or a class list available for children to use as a resource for writing. 
• Help children to become familiar with each other’s names by trying the following greetings at class gatherings:

Name Song (sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)

_______is here today
_______is here today
Let’s clap our hands and should hooray
_______is here today

One, Two, Three, Four Chant 

One, Two, Three, Four
Come on Nicky, hit the floor (encourage students to dance when it’s their turn)
We’re so glad you’re here today
Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee

Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee
Won’t you say your name for me
(Child says his/her name)
Let’s all say it (everyone says name)
Let’s all clap it (everyone claps the syllables)
Let’s whisper it (everyone whispers name)


Eric Carle's ABCs by Eric Carle
Dr Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Book by Dr. Seuss
Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert
The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni
Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood