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Sharing How You Play

These days, more adults and kids are spending unstructured (and unanticipated) time at home. While many of us are occupying ourselves with screen time, there are also plenty of examples of people engaging in various sorts of play within their homes and households.

Boy and grandmother with sidewalk chalk

To provide inspiration, boost spirits, and document this unique moment in the history of play, The Strong National Museum of Play would like to hear from you about how you’re playing. Is it creative play with cardboard boxes and other household materials? Are you turning to craft projects or family board games? Have theatrical urges resulted in a puppet show or a dance competition? Has sidewalk chalk provided an artistic outlet or turned your pavement into a billboard for messages to the neighborhood? Are you joining friends to play video games online or are you exploring new games you’ve never had time to experience before?

Whatever the case, we’d love to hear from you about how you’re playing. Stories, photos, videos—all will be gladly accepted for preservation in The Strong’s collection and we’ll share the best of them with the world via the museum’s website and social media channels. Thanks for reaching out to us and—above all—keep on playing!

Parents or legal guardians of participants ages 13 years and younger must submit that participant’s entry.


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