ICHEG Advisors

The International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) is pleased to have the following advisors who represent diverse disciplines and experiences within the electronic game industry:

Ian Bogost, Professor, Georgia Tech and Founding Partner, Persuasive Games

Stewart Bonn, Interactive Entertainment Consultant

Warren Buckleitner, Editor, Children’s Technology Review

Mark Caldwell, Cofounder and CEO, PLAOR

Simon Carless, Publisher, Executive Vice President, UBM Techweb

Louis Castle, Chief Strategy Officer, Shuffle Master

Bob Christopher, President, InnerCircle1 Venture Forum

Don Daglow, President and Creative Director, Daglow Entertainment

John Davison, Director and General Manager for Content and Publishing, Red Robot Labs, Inc.

Mark DeLoura, Game Technology Consultant

Rusel DeMaria, Video Game Historian

Keith Feinstein, Creative Director, Eureka Exhibits

Ed Fries, CEO, FigurePrints

Bill Gardner, President and Managing Partner, Digital Entertainment Insights, LLC

James Paul Gee, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Arizona State University

Hal Halpin, President, Crest Group, management company for the Entertainment Consumers Association

Trip Hawkins, Cofounder, If You Can

Robin Hunicke, Cofounder, Funomena

Steve Jacobs, Associate Professor, Interactive Games and Media, Rochester Institute of Technology and Editor-in-Chief, Computer Game Education Review

George Jones, Interactive Entertainment Consultant

Michael Katz, Former President, Sega of America and Interactive Entertainment Consultant

Debra Kempker, President, Prima Games

Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Professor of Interactive Games and Media, Rochester Institute of Technology

Nicole Lazzaro, President, XEODesign, Inc.

Carter Lipscomb, Senior Special Markets Manager, Strategic Business Development for Sony Computer Entertainment America

Jennifer MacLean, Head of Business Development, Ovuline

Sid Meier, Director of Creative Development, Firaxis Games

Chris Melissinos, Cofounder, Past Pixels, LLC

R. J. Mical, Inventor and Engineer

Jamil Moledina, Cofounder and CEO, Wormhole Games

Joe Morici, Director of Business Development, Marmalade

Brenda Romero, COO, Cofounder, and Game Designer for Loot Drop

John Romero, Cofounder and Chief Officer, Loot Drop

Kellee Santiago, Partner, Indie Fund

Courtney Brown Simmons, Senior Vice President of Publicity, DC Entertainment at Warner Brothers

Robert Sirotek, Cofounder, SirTech Software, Inc

Robert Stevenson, Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Gaikai

Bernie Stolar, Former President, Sega of America and Interactive Entertainment Consultant

Christian Svensson, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Development, Capcom

Tommy Tallarico, Executive Producer, Video Games Live

Chris Taylor, Founder and CEO, Gas Powered Games

Jon Van Caneghem, Vice President Production Strategy Games, EA LA

Will Wright, Founder, Stupid Fun Club