Handprint Tiles

Charming handprint tiles adorn The Strong’s entryway walls. These tiles serve as a lasting impression of children’s enjoyment of the museum and of parents, grandparents, and others’ financial support of quality educational experiences for families and children.

Children enjoy seeing their tiles every time they visit the museum and have fun measuring their growth by comparing the size of their hands to the size of their handprints.

Museum members can purchase handprint tiles for $150. Each tile includes one child’s handprint, name, and age in one of five available colors. Each additional tile is $75. Only one child’s name and handprint can be accommodated per tile. A portion of each handprint purchase is tax deductible.

Not a museum member? Nonmembers may purchase a first handprint tile for $250. Each additional tile is $100.

Take-Home Tiles

A duplicate copy of your child’s handprint tile makes a great keepsake for parents and grandparents. Take-home tiles can be purchased for an additional $50 contribution per tile.

Ordering Tiles

For more information, or to purchase handprint tiles for display at The Strong, download an order form or contact the institutional advancement team at 585-410-6346 or advancement@museumofplay.org.