Animation Fun Facts

Be an animation expert! Peruse these fun facts about the history of animation compiled by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry:Animation exhibit cartoon museum

  • Walt Disney had only two animators working for him when he created Steamboat Willie in 1928.
  • Snow White, which premiered in 1937, was the first American animated feature film. It cost $1.4 million to produce.
  • During the production of Snow White, the Disney studio increased its animation team from 187 to 600.
  • Three Little Pigs cost $16,000 in 1933. In contrast, Sleeping Beauty, which was made in 1959 and was one of Disney’s most expensive animated features, cost $6 million.
  • Some 350,000 drawings were made for the production of Robyn Hood, with more than 100,000 painted cels and 800 painted backgrounds.
  • Production of Beauty and the Beast took more than 3 years and required the talents of nearly 600 animators, artists, and technicians.
  • Computer-generated imagery enabled the filmmakers of Aladdin to create the magic carpet ride through the Cave of Wonders.
  • Toy Story was the first animated feature generated completely on computers.

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