American Comic Book Heroes: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

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super strengthGrab a cape and leap into the world of superheros at the American Comic Book Heroes exhibit at The Strong museum. Explore seven decades of amazing characters who have struggled mightily against evil in the comic book cosmos while inspiring kids’ imaginations and play.

Go hands-on at Super Powers School where everyone becomes a superhero. 

  • Super Strength: Step into the laboratory and absorb “gamma rays” in order to pick up a massively heavy object.
  • Super Memory: Observe a series of flashing lights and repeat back the correct sequences. 
  • Super Balance: Walk across a steel beam high above the city and look down upon spectacular views.
  • Super Flight: Maneuver through an aerial course. Hold on tight!
  • Super Reflexes: Play Whack A Foe! to practice how to react quickly.flying interactive

Look up in the sky! Gigantic statues of Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and Incredible Hulk loom overhead. Journey through the golden age of comic books via radio and television broadcasts, video games, original 1940s radio scripts, and early comic book art.

Take a picture of friends and family flying across the sky or scaling the buildings of downtown Rochester.

Produced by The Strong.