Let's Move! Museums and Gardens

The Strong is pleased to partner with the Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens Initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to fight childhood obesity. The national initiative helps children learn about healthy food choices and promotes physical activity through interactive exhibits and programs.

Let’s Move! Let’s Play!

Encourage your kids to hop, jump, skip, and climb—and make healthy food choices—in activities found throughout the exhibits.

  • Jumping rope can burn 750 calories per hour. Hop healthily at the Jumping Station in the Berenstain Bears exhibit.flying interactice
  • Kids played hopscotch in 2357 BCE. Hop through the game that never gets old in the museum's Sesame Street exhibit.
  • Rock climbing builds upper-body strength. Pull yourself across the climbing wall in the Field of Play exhibit.
  • Walk or skip down the colorful, game-board inspired lane in Game Time!
  • Get active on eGameRevolution’s LED Lightspace play floor featuring more than a dozen games and activities to get your body moving!
  • Wham-O made the first plastic hula hoop in 1957. Get your twirl on with hula hoops in the National Toy Hall of Fame.
  • Pick, count, sort, and weigh veggies; gather eggs; crawl through a raised hoop house at the organic farm in Wegmans Super Kids Market.
  • Gardening can help keep you fit. Tend the colorful veggies in Mother Goose’s Garden in Reading Adventureland.
  • As they learn to walk, toddlers master balance. Test yours while saving the world on the balance board in American Comic Book Heroes.
  • Bop, boogie, hop, spin, and shake to the rhythm of the music in DanceLab.
  • Take a stroll and play a game of ring toss in the outdoor Discovery Garden.

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