View an array of some of the world’s most colorful fish and sea life at The Strong museum.

Rainbow ReefRainbow Reef

Marvel at the fascinating behaviors of nearly 150 species of fish and coral in Rainbow Reef. This 1,700-gallon coral reef aquarium—one of the biggest in the Northeast—features a large and low viewing surface that provides even the littlest Nemo watchers an amazing view of brilliantly colored fish, corals, anemones, shrimp, eel, and crab.

A multimedia presentation adjacent to the tank helps guests identify the various types of fish introduced into the miniature ecosystem.

Rainbow River and sea anemone tanks

Raibow RiverAround the corner from Rainbow Reef is the Rainbow River tank, home to sparkling freshwater fish found in tropical rivers from all over the world. An adjacent sea anemone tank is the perfect place to watch clownfish, like Nemo, and other small reef inhabitants up close.