Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit! Closes January 24

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December 8, 2015

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Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit!
Closes January 24, 2016
at The Strong Museum

Don’t miss your last chance to step into the inquisitive world of Sid the Science Kid from the award-winning PBS Kids’ TV show at Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit!. The exhibit remains at The Strong only through Sunday, January 24, 2016.

Investigate every day science questions such as, “Why do magnets pick up some things and not others?” and “Where does sound come from?” around Sid’s home, at the Super Fab Lab, on the playground, and in other iconic locations from the show. Use scientific thinking and tools to learn about simple machines, laws of motion, magnetism, air power, and the five senses. The exhibit includes five hands-on areas that bring Sid the Science Kid to life:

Kitchen: Enter the colorful kitchen where Sid’s baby brother, Zeke, waits at the table in his highchair. Help create a healthy breakfast for Sid and Zeke by choosing from an assortment of foods—including eggs, waffles, toast, strawberries, grapes, and milk. Then open the refrigerator to learn about patterns and dive into the pantry with Sid’s mother, Alice, to sort and weigh cereal and beans with a food scale. Use your senses to investigate exotic spices, and then practice making patterns while “baking cookies.” In the sink, learn about density by trying to make utensils sink or float.

Sid’s Room: Head into Sid’s space-themed bedroom, climb onto the bed, and pull a lever to launch Sid’s toys back into their toy box using a catapult while learning about trajectories and other principles of physics. Test your memory by playing a game with toys on Sid’s bookshelf and learn about measurement by comparing the size of crayon outlines of Sid and Zeke drawn on the wall. Then investigate how simple machines operate and design your own machine, also known as a “Super-Duper-Ooper-Schmooper Big Idea,” on a touch-screen computer at Sid’s desk. 

Backyard: A tree house and Sid’s father, Mort, awaits young explorers in the backyard. Test the laws of physics by using a pulley to lift stuffed animals into the tree house and then climb the ladder for a better view. Learn about how sound travels by sharing secrets with a friend through a curved whisper tube.

Classroom: Explore the properties of magnets, sound, color, and more in the Super Fab Lab—one of Sid’s favorite spots and a must-see for young scientists! Use your engineering skills to construct an object with gears, ramps, and blocks. Examine rocks, bugs, and more under a magnifying glass and microscope. Learn about friction by trying to move objects across different surfaces. Then shoot an air cannon to see how far air travels. Pick out a spot on the cozy mat for “rug time” with Teacher Susie, then research and role play STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—careers, such as an astronaut, doctor, pilot, or scientist.

Playground: Crawl through a kid-sized play set complete with two slides and use the unique environment to experiment with plasticity and identify different sports balls by using only your sense of touch. Examine the effects of inertia by moving toys on a skateboard, and then learn about torque with a wheel and axle in the sandbox. Be a part of the show and tell silly jokes at “Good Laughternoon” by poking your head out of a brightly colored panel like Sid and his friends. Then dance with Sid and other favorite characters—such as charming May and energetic Gerald—and hop in the yellow car for a

Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit! is included with general museum admission fees. The exhibit was created by The Magic House® in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company.


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