The Strong’s Electronic and Video Games Collection

The Strong’s Electronic and Video Games Collection

The Strong’s collection of video games, other electronic games, and electronic game-related historical materials—60,000 and growing— is the largest and most comprehensive public assemblage in the world. The collection includes games and the platforms on which they are played, game packaging and advertising, game-related publications, game-inspired consumer products and other items that illustrate the impact of electronic games on people’s lives, and personal and business papers of key individuals and companies in the electronic game industry.

Key holdings:

  • The most important arcade games of all time including early and golden-age arcade video games, early pin games and electromechanical pinball machines, solid state pinball machines, vector-based graphic games, simulator games, and specialty games;
  • Gaming systems including examples of every major video game platform manufactured in the United States since 1972 and a broad selection of consoles from other countries, as well as examples of all significant handheld game systems and personal computers;
  • Children’s electronic toys such as Simon, Tamagotchi, and Webkinz, that combine digital and traditional play;
  • More than 37,000 video games on various media;
  • Personal papers of prominent game designers and inventors such Ralph Baer, Dan Bunten (Dani Bunten Berry), Don Daglow, Gerald A. “Jerry” Lawson, Jordan Mechner, Ken and Roberta Williams, and Will Wright;
  • Tens of thousands of artifacts and library and archival items that represent and reflect the impact ofmanufacturers on the evolution of video games and society including Atari Coin-Op Divisions, Brøderbund Software, Her Interactive, Microsoft, Sierra, Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI), Tengen, and Westwood Studios; and
  • Books, trade catalogs, and periodicals including a nearly complete run of Computer Gaming World magazine and a copy of almost every strategy guide and cheat code book issued by Prima Games.


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