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Lederhosen and accompanying hosenträger

shorts | suspenders

The donor bought these lederhosen and the accompanying suspenders while travelling in Bavaria in 1971. He brought them home as a gift for his high school sweetheart and eventual wife. She is blonde and of Norwegian extraction and wore it as a costume at one the two great Halloween parties that Buffalo, New York, organized each year, going as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween in 1985. That party took place at Victor Hugo’s, an apartment building that had once been an opulent residence constructed in 1863 in the Second Empire style on Buffalo’s “Millionaire’s Row.” There’d been a fire, and all the residents opened their places for an open house. The place was always packed for Halloween with people in original, striking, and somewhat “disorderly” outfits, ideal for such a hip, edgy party.

  • Material: leather
  • Origin: Germany
  • Object ID: 116.7652
  • Credit Line: Gift of Chris Eberle
Creative Commons License