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Knots & Splices

life float | cushion

In the United States, individual states legislate watercraft safety requirements. All states have implemented similar laws regarding the use of personal flotation devices, known as life jackets or life preservers. One common type is the seat cushion, made of vinyl and originally filled with the plant fiber kapok. Today these cushions, now filled with buoyant foam and officially categorized as "type IV throwing devices," are required on any vessel 16 feet or larger in addition to personal flotation devices for each occupant. Safety experts compare the use of life jackets while on the water to the use of safety belts while driving. During the mid-20th century, one example was decorated with graphics of typical knots and splices, for the fisherman or sailor who might need a reminder.

  • Material: vinyl | kapok
  • Object ID: 116.5462
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