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Greetings From South Carolina

jigsaw puzzle

In 2008, a group of dedicated wooden jigsaw puzzle cutters, all members of the American Game and Puzzle Collectors (AGPC) group, participated in what they named the Puzzle Cutters' Showcase. AGPC member Margie Hillback is credited with the original idea. Sixteen different puzzle cutters each cut a puzzle, all based on the same image, an antique South Carolina postcard. That year's ACPC convention was held in Charleston. The idea was not competition, but rather to see what kinds of ideas, techniques, and diversity would develop.

  • Material: Plywood | printed paper
  • Origin: Chocowinity, NC
  • Style: jigsaw puzzle | color-line
  • Object ID: 115.1145
  • Credit Line: Gift of Robert R. Jenks
Creative Commons License