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They'll have to put the world together! So see that they're husky and fit


Sometimes advertising provides a detailed glimpse into humankind's past. An ad for Carnation Evaporated Milk from a woman's magazine dated 1945, while simple at first glance, reveals a wealth of information. Two children, in the ad, assemble a puzzle with a map of the world. The text advises the reader that "They'll have to put the world together!. . .so see that they're husky and fit." Husky children, apparently, will be better fit to rebuild the world after the devastation of World War II. During this period, for about ten years, Carnation "irradiated" its evaporated milk product to slightly increase the level of vitamin D in the product, and it promotes this feature in the ad as well. A recipe for "Oatmeal Meat Loaf" adds to the richness of the advertising copy, while fine print at the bottom of the page advises viewers to "tune in" to the Carnation "Contented Hour" on radio and also to "Buy War Bonds!"

  • Material: printed paper
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 112.3322
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