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Giant Post Card/ Roadside America


Americans seem fascinated by travel, the road, and in particular, roadside attractions. Perhaps our vast expanse of land makes longer auto trips more commonplace. Certainly in the early twentieth century and afterwards, places to stop along the highway included more than just service stations. Sometime around midcentury, an attraction sprang up halfway between Harrisburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania. A miniature village built by one man, Laurence T. Gieringer, that was "50 years in the making," Roadside America became one of these wayside stops. Gieringer kept on building, and now volunteers care for his remarkable legacy. Although every day "throngs of visitors" marvel at the fine detail and clever moving miniatures, recently the site added a "PA Dutch Gift Shop" to help support operations. This giant poscard shows how the place looked around 1950.

  • Material: printed cardstock | photomechanical reproduction
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 111.1466
Creative Commons License