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Charlie the Tuna 25th Anniversary Commemorative Watch


It's certainly a triumph of branding when people are willing to purchase products emblazoned with your advertising character--like this 25th anniversary limited edition Charlie the Tuna wristwatch. From his black and white TV debut in 1961, Charlie became celebrated as a lovable loser, always yearning to be caught and canned by Star-Kist. Unfortunately for Charlie, Star-Kist doesn't want tunas with good taste, Star-Kist wants tunas that taste good. So despite his endless efforts to appear sophisticated and cultured, Charlie gets told repeatedly, "Sorry, Charlie," and lives to promote the product another day.

  • Manufacturer: CMI Corporation
  • Material: glass | stainless steel | leather
  • Origin: Los Angeles, CA
  • Licenser: Star-Kist Foods, Inc.
  • Style: commemorative
  • Object ID: 109.15294
  • Credit Line: Gift of Charles Courtsal and Lisa Gwinner in memory of Frances Chase Courtsal
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