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Little Noddy's Taxi Game


George S. Parker founded his game company in 1883 in Salem, Massachusetts. Five years later, his brother Charles joined the business, and the two formed Parker Brothers. While many other game manufacturers of the time incorporated moralistic themes into their products, George Parker believed that people played games for enjoyment, and he did not see the need to emphasize morals and values in his products. Some of the company's more popular early games, such as Klondike and War in Cuba, recalled important events of the day. In 1906 Parker Brothers published Rook, a card game that quickly became the best-selling game in the country. During the Great Depression, when many other toy and game manufacturers went out of business, the company introduced Monopoly, one of the most popular board games in American history. Throughout the 20th century, Parker Brothers published many other successful games including Clue, Risk, and Sorry! Additionally, the company produced drawing sets and other educational toys, puzzles, paper dolls, and children's books. In 1991 Parker Brothers became a part of toy giant Hasbro, but the Parker Brothers name has remained on games into the 21st century.

  • Manufacturer: Parker Brothers Inc.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard | wood | paint | metal
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: wealth accumulation
  • Object ID: 113.730
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