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A game called "shove board" or "shovel board" evolved in 16th-century England around the time of Henry VIII. A tabletop version related to shuffleboard, the game is still played in England today and is called "Shove Ha'penny" because it is played with coins or metal discs. The game travelled to Holland where it blended with various other games of the period and was called "Sjoelen" (pronounced "shoolin"). Today Sjoelen is considered one of the most popular Dutch family games. It appears to be gaining popularity all over the world including in the United States, where only a few individuals fabricate the playing boards known as the "sjoelbaks." A Rochesterian named Dave Dow is one such craftsperson and Sjoelen player. Dow founded the Rochester Sjoelen League which meets regularly at a popular downtown coffee house.

  • Manufacturer: Dave Dow
  • Material: wood
  • Origin: Rochester, NY
  • Style: dexterity
  • Object ID: 113.607
  • Credit Line: Gift of David S. Dow
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