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Pig Mania

game prototype

Game designer David Moffat created the Pig Mania dice game based on the folk game Pig, which is played with regular dice. Basically, the game is a game of probabilities, where players score points based on good or bad rolls of the (pig-shaped) dice. The outcome of the dice rolls can be graphed and charted and for this reason the pig dice game is often used to teach middle-school-age children about probability theory. Moffat's version was originally titled "Pig Mania," but the current version is called "Pass the Pigs." Moffat's original prototype, seen here, lacks its original pig-shaped dice.

  • Manufacturer: David Moffat
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: dice
  • Object ID: 113.4130
  • Credit Line: Gift of Winning Moves Games on Behalf of David Moffat Enterprises
Creative Commons License