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Scrabble Brand Crossword Cubes Game


By the early 1950s, the board game Scrabble established itself as one of the best-selling word games in history. About ten years later the publisher of Scrabble, Selchow & Righter, produced a variation on the game utilizing dice marked with letters. Scrabble Crossword Cubes allowed for two different spelling and crossword games. Undoubtedly Scrabble enthusiasts purchased the game based on brand name recognition. Letter cube spelling games existed before Scrabble, and many publishers still create them.

  • Manufacturer: Selchow & Righter Co.
  • Material: printed paper | wood | glass | plastic | cardboard
  • Origin: New York, NY
  • Style: word
  • Object ID: 113.2760
  • Credit Line: Gift of Victoria Gray
Creative Commons License