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Bop it


Hasbro's Parker Brothers division produced inventor Dan Klitsner's original circuitry idea as the game Bop it in 1996. The electronic game gained fans ever since and Hasbro continually updates it with new versions. Essentially, the game tells a player (or players) to carry out a series of actions, such as pushing a button (bop it) pulling a lever, twisting a handle, or flicking a lever. Speed increases as players' obey the commands. Experts commend the award-winning game and point out that it utilizes computer technology to enhance physical play instead of sedentary.

  • Inventor: Dan Klitsner
  • Manufacturer: Parker Brothers
  • Material: plastic | metal
  • Origin: China
  • Style: dexterity | Handheld
  • Object ID: 113.1596
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