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Table Tennis: The New Complete Outfit

table tennis set

In the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, game manufacturer Parker Brothers acquired the license to sell its table tennis sets under the name of Ping Pong. Other American manufacturers sold sets for the game under different names. The game seemed to thrive for several years, but then it abruptly faded in popularity around 1905. When the game revived around 1920, Parker Brothers sought to maintain its dominance by organizing clubs and staging Ping Pong tournaments at which contestants could use only Parker Brother-made equipment. Other companies, however continued to manufacture sets under the table tennis name.

  • Manufacturer: Transogram Company, Inc.
  • Material: wood | plastic | cardboard | metal
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: competition
  • Object ID: 112.5274
  • Credit Line: Gift of Marty and Rosanne Salata
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