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Pin the Tail on the Donkey | Donkey Party


Classic "Pin the Tail" party games probably originated some time in the middle or late 19th century. The first printed examples are dated in the 1880s. However, industrious parents may have made their own versions by hand long before this. This example is printed on linen in color by J. Ottman Lithographer. Like many of the Pin the Tail games found today, it has been played with. Pinholes and individually cut tails provide this evidence. Today's version typically utilize velcro, magnets, or other less dangerous materials, instead of pins.

  • Manufacturer: J. Ottman Lithography Co.
  • Material: linen | printed
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: party
  • Object ID: 112.2298
  • Credit Line: Gift of Diane Olin in memory of Stephen Olin
Creative Commons License