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Bunny Hop Game


This game is a variant on Peg Solitaire, a solitary strategy game. The game includes a board with round holes, and the player places pegs into all but one. The player then jumps over the pegs into empty spaces, removing the jumped peg. The goal is to empty the board of all pegs but one. The first official reference to the game appeared in 1697, in the French court of Louis XIV, where an engraving was made of Princess Anne of Soubise sitting next to the game. While the most common version of Peg Solitaire is formed in a cross shape, many variations exist, including the triangular shape seen in this game.

  • Manufacturer: Umbra
  • Material: plastic | rubber
  • Origin: Buffalo, NY
  • Style: Solitaire | strategy
  • Object ID: 112.2125
  • Credit Line: Gift of Patricia Hogan
Creative Commons License