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Today's role-playing games evolved out of war gaming with miniature soldiers, popular in the later 19th and early 20th centuries. Children, and many adults, enjoyed playing war games with the little figues so much that eventually people devised rules for that play. Author H. G. Wells, a pacifist himself, enjoyed this play and penned his "Little Wars" book of rules in 1913. Later in the 20th century, gamers enjoyed strategy war games--still played according to modifications of Wells' and other rules. A group of these gamers added individual character development, imaginitive role-play, and levels of exploration, and role-playing games resulted. Originally, players did not need the metal character figures for role-playing games, but die-hards sought and collected examples of every form as quickly as clever marketers produced them.

  • Material: metal
  • Style: role-playing
  • Object ID: 112.1761
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