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Tumblin' Monkeys


Random Games & Toys, the creator of this game, was founded in 1974 by Garry Donner with Willis Carpenter. In 1976, Garry connected with another game enthusiast, Michael Steer. By investing the massive sum of $240, Michael became a new partner in the firm. Still, the company struggled through its early years. Finally, in 1985, Garry was finally able to quit his day job when the firm's Pocket Trivia game hit it big, selling more than 10 million copies. Michael followed into full-time partnership in 1986. Since then, the company has enjoyed a number of successes, including Tumbling Monkeys from Mattel, the Express Line from Hasbro, Buzz Word from Patch, Last Word from Buffalo Games, Hit the Deck from Fundex, and the Chain Game from Out-of-the-Box Publishing. By 2007, the company had licensed 35 different games throughout the world. In November 2008, Garry Donner, Michael Steer, and Random Games & Toys were recognized for Excellence in Game Design at the Toy and Game Inventors Awards Dinner held by the Chicago Toy & Game Group.

  • Inventor: Random Games & Toys
  • Manufacturer: Mattel, Inc.
  • Material: printed cardboard | molded plastic
  • Origin: Italy
  • Licenser: Random Games & Toys
  • Style: dexterity
  • Object ID: 109.15026
  • Credit Line: Gift of Garry and Michael, Random Games & Toys
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