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Chiromagica or the Hand of Fate


Fortune telling is an ancient human activity. People still devise methods to see the future, whether for lifetime planning or simply for fun. Game manufacturers know this, and produce fortune-telling games to answer the gaming public's desire. In the late 19th century, McLoughlin Brothers of New York produced one remarkable example. The firm's "Chiromagica or the Hand of Fate" utilizes hidden technology to forcast the future. Specially-themed subject rings and a question bar both carry hidden magnets, and thereby control the fortune-telling device. Apparently magical, the mysterious hand points at answers to specifically-posed questions. The technology still works in the present day.

  • Manufacturer: McLoughlin Brothers
  • Material: printed cardboard | glass | wood
  • Origin: New York, NY
  • Style: fortune telling
  • Object ID: 107.3826
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