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Oswald B. Lord's Game of Politics

board game

Parker Brothers of Salem, Massachusetts, introduced Oswald Lord's Game of Politics in 1935 and continued producing it for the next 25 years. Designed for both kids and adults, it was a game of skill and intrigue that helped familiarize players with the real world of presidential politics. Each player represented a politician trying to become president. Modeled on the actual electoral system of the United States, the game had players competing for each state's electoral votes. The winner was the person who got a majority of the votes first. But, just as in real politics, the players had political platforms that either helped or hindered their campaigns in various parts of the country. With limited campaign budgets, players also had to manage their money wisely. The game's creators cautioned, "Managerial skills and good judgment are more important than luck. Manage your campaign just as you would if you were actually running for President." Introduced at the same time as another Parker Brothers game, Monopoly, the Game of Politics never achieved great popularity. During the Great Depression, it seems, Americans dreamed more about getting rich than becoming president.

  • Artist: Oswald B. Lord
  • Manufacturer: Parker Brothers
  • Material: paper | printed | cardboard | steel
  • Origin: Salem, MA
  • Style: Question & Answer
  • Object ID: 88.146
Creative Commons License