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Subbuteo Table Soccer


The world's most popular table football game, which many Americans call table soccer, is known as Subbuteo. The game dates from the late 1940s when it was invented in England. The hobby has found growing favor since that time and is now regulated by Subbuteo Associations in each country, including the United States. In the play, opponents carefully "flick" miniature weighted figures as game pieces, towards a small lightweight ball to "kick" it. Goalkeepers have special levers attached and are manipulated from behind miniature goals. A subbuteo set from 1981 features two complete teams, a fabric playing field, and the appropriate goals and balls.

  • Manufacturer: Jokari/US, Inc.
  • Material: printed paper | plastic | cardboard | fabric
  • Origin: Dallas, TX
  • Style: sport
  • Object ID: 116.3704
  • Credit Line: Gift of Donald W. Lyon
Creative Commons License