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Game of the Transatlantic Flight

board game

In 1919, Lieutenant Commander Albert Cushing Read headed a United States Navy team that made the first successful transatlantic flight. The team's feat was somewhat eclipsed by a subsequent flight by a British team, which completed the crossing nonstop, thereby besting the Americans. But the era of flight had begun, and soon afterwards Milton Bradley Company produced its Game of The Transatlantic Flight, focusing on the initial American flight with a paragraph about "An Age of Wonders" printed along with the game instructions on the back of the box cover. The game is characterized by a large three-fold game board, showing the Atlantic Ocean and its bordering continents.

  • Manufacturer: Milton Bradley Company
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard | metal | wood
  • Origin: Springfield, MA
  • Style: race
  • Object ID: 116.1798
  • Credit Line: Gift of Ron and Grace Dechant
Creative Commons License