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Dawn of the Dead

board game

In 1968 filmmaker George A. Romero made his first successful feature film, the horror classic "Night of the Living Dead." He followed that with other less successful ventures but returned to the subject, flesh-eating zombies, with his 1978 cult favorite, "Dawn of the Dead." That same year strategy game maker SPI licensed the latter film for a board game, complete with a gameboard designed to resemble the mall in which the film's zombie apocalypse took place. Romero continued to make films about zombies as well as other subjects, but has also, more recently, advised video game producers on the subject. He collaborated with the producers of the Resident Evil game series, which is largely based on Romero's interpretations of zombies. He, and his films, can be credited with helping inspire the contemporary popularity of zombie-based games as well as television and movie themes.

  • Designer: Redmond A Simonsen
  • Manufacturer: SPI
  • Material: printed cardstock | cardboard | paper | plastic
  • Origin: USA
  • Licenser: Dawn Associates
  • Style: strategy | horror
  • Object ID: 115.739
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