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Robot Turtles

board game

Inventor and programmer Dan Shapiro took his idea for a board game to Kickstarter, where it became the best-funded board game of all time in 2014. Shapiro's Robot Turtles teaches youngsters the very basics of computer programming, without their direct knowledge or any difficult steps. With the help of an older individual, like an adult, who serves as the "computer," players "program" a maze on the game's board with individual cards. If they make a wrong move they can stop and "debug" their program, calling on the adult to take back the card they're considering playing. The finished program forms a path for a turtle to reach it's matching jewel. Astounding simplicity, quality of materials and basic skill-building make Robot Turtles a winner.

  • Inventor: Dan Shapiro
  • Manufacturer: ThinkFun
  • Material: printed cardstock | cardboard | plastic
  • Origin: China
  • Style: race
  • Object ID: 115.4750
Creative Commons License