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Das Waldschattenspiel (Shadows in the Woods)

board game

Das Waldshattenspiel (Shadows in the Woods) first appeared in 1985, designed and published in Germany by Walter Kraul. Though its play involves the fantasy element of dwarves lost in a wood, the game is meant only for children when supervised by an adult. Designed for play in a darkened room, the game's play, and its one safety concern, involves moving a lighted tealight candle. This in turn causes the wooden "tree" shadows to move. The dwarf playing pieces must stick to the shadows, because if caught in the light they "freeze." Like many German games of more recent years, Das Waldshattenspiel employs an unusual mechanism to affect the game play.

  • Designer: Walter Kraul
  • Inventor: Walter Kraul
  • Manufacturer: Walter Kraul
  • Material: printed paper | wood | cardboard | candle
  • Origin: Germany
  • Style: party | fantasy
  • Object ID: 115.4436
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