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Island Fortress

board game

Game designer Bryan Johnson had an idea for a game. Back in 2005 he imagined a game based on building the Great Wall of China, and called it "Huang Di." His prototype won a competition in 2006, and a game publisher approached him. That firm soon faced hard financial times and released Johnson from his contracts. Soon another publisher offered to publish his game, but a similar setback happened. Finally Johnson decided to self-publish, and worked on a redesign of the game with the game designers at firm which helps independent game designers publish their games. All agreed on a new look and a new title for the game, "Island Fortress." Gamesalute also initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary money, which happened in 2012.

  • Manufacturer: Frost Forge Games
  • Material: printed paper | cardstock | cardboard | wood | plastic
  • Origin: China
  • Style: strategy
  • Object ID: 114.2533
Creative Commons License