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Whirling Words

board game

The Club Aluminum Company was one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum pots and pans in the United States. In 1933, the company stood on the brink of bankruptcy. It invited Herbert J. Taylor, a vice-president at the Jewell Tea Company, to assume command in hopes Club could be saved. Taylor instituted his now famous "four-way test," to help build company pride and ethical behavior among employees, and successfully saved the organization. Later an officer in Rotary International, Taylor granted that charitable group permission to use the test as a motto for member behavior. During World War II, Club Aluminum produced the Whirling Words board game, an educational spelling game. But the game is made from wood, not aluminum. Like other manufacturers during wartime, Club Aluminum kept busy making other products from other materials.

  • Designer: M. Bodell
  • Manufacturer: Club Aluminum Company
  • Material: cardboard | wood | pressboard
  • Origin: Chicago, IL
  • Style: word
  • Object ID: 113.5852
  • Credit Line: Gift of Pamela (Trisket) Brimmer
Creative Commons License