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Police State

board game

Professor Harley Sachs taught at Michigan Technological University. Prior careers included a stint in Germany with the US Army and later more time in Europe studying under the G.I. Bill and working undercover. All these experiences led to his early retirement from teaching and to the publication of many books recounting his experiences as a younger man. Besides the books, Sachs published a board game in 1969 called Police State. Billed as "Russian Monopoly" the game simulates Monopoly's path on its board, but players must compete for larger apartment sizes and the use of "the state car." The game simulates life in the USSR before the fall of Communism, which occurred in late 1991. Sachs published Police State in another edition in the 1970s through his own Idea Development Company, and LA Producers Partnership made a 1988 version of the game titled Comrades.

  • Designer: Harley Sachs
  • Manufacturer: Idea Development Company
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard
  • Style: wealth
  • Object ID: 113.5460
  • Credit Line: Gift of Michigan Tech Archives
Creative Commons License