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game board

Burton (Burt) Swales (1921-2011) served as a guidance counselor at Fillmore Central School in the village of Fillmore, NY for nearly all of his professional career. Besides advising hundreds of high school students over the years, Swales and his wife Esther successfully raised a family of four children. Like so many other American families, the Swaleses enjoyed playing Monopoly. Sometime during the 1960s, Burt constructed a homemade Monopoly board and build it into a small table. Not content with the cardboard version, his new board/table was made of heavy hardwood. He saved and gathered old colored eyeglasses cases made of leather, and used that recycled leather to mark the properties all around the game board. A plexiglass table top protected the whole thing. Like Parcheesi boards during the 19th century, Monopoly boards such as this are often considered works of American folk art.

  • Manufacturer: Burt Swales
  • Material: wood | leather | plexiglass | paint
  • Origin: Fillmore, NY
  • Style: wealth
  • Object ID: 113.4822
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