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card game

Game giant Parker Brothers produced a wide range of games, over the course of the firm's long history. After Parker Brothers runaway success with the game Monopoly, it produced an even wider array of games, from simple to deluxe. And, although even through much of the twentieth century many people had an aversion to gambling, and games that smacked of gambling, Parker produced several games that reproduced gambling events, from horse races to poker games. One such game, first published in 1936, just about the same time that Monopoly began its meteoric rise to fame, is called Bonanza. Played with the addition of a standard deck of cards, Bonanza allows for several hands of different kinds of card games in an effort to win chips from other players or from the cloth board. The board itself is the most unique part of this game. Card table-sized, it even has ties at each corner to secure around the legs of the table. Bonanza likely made for a fine night of gambling!

  • Manufacturer: Parker Brothers
  • Material: printed cardboard | plastic | fabric
  • Origin: Salem, MA
  • Style: gambling | card | poker
  • Object ID: 113.3914
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