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Get In The Scrap: The Game with a Patriotic Purpose

board game

Originally founded by Milton Bradley himself, the Milton Bradley Company produced board games throughout the late 19th and most of the 20th centuries. Hard times began to affect the firm during the Great Depression years but a new era began when a new president, James A. Shea, cleaned out old inventory and dramatically cut the number of board games the firm printed and marketed. During World War II, the firm shifted production away from games to manufacture a special universal joint utilized by certain military aircraft. It also produced at least one wartime-themed board game, 1944's Get In The Scrap. Billed as "The Game with a Patriotic Purpose," Get In The Scrap involved players racing to see who could move their "carload of scrap" to a melting furnace first. The game also featured a printed instruction sheet which includes a "Scrap Quiz," questions and answers about the importance and usefulness of scrap recycling. "7,700 average aluminum pots and pans will provide aluminum for one pursuit plane."

  • Manufacturer: Milton Bradley Company
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard | wood | paint
  • Origin: Springfield, MA
  • Style: race
  • Object ID: 113.2747
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