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board game

Milton Bradley Company secured the trademark for the board game Stratego in 1960 and began publishing the game in 1960. A classic two-person battle game, Stratego is still a favorite of kids and adults. American Stratego is very exactly based on a French version called L'Attaque!, invented by Mademoiselle Hermance Edan and patented in 1908. Published in France, it was also soon produced in England by game maker H.P. Gibson and Sons, which produced the game from around 1920 until the 1970s, at least.

  • Designer: Mademoiselle Hermance Edan
  • Manufacturer: H.P. Gibson and Sons, Ltd.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard | metal
  • Origin: England
  • Style: strategy | war
  • Object ID: 113.1739
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