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Trivial Pursuit: Silver Screen Edition Subsidiary Card Set


In the first half of the twentieth century, adults played board games, card games and constructed puzzles for evening entertainment at home. Since the 1950s, watching television became the primary source of entertainment for adults during their evenings at home. The decline in the use of board games by adults continued through the 1970s, until Trivial Pursuit came out on the market in 1981. During the 1980s and early 1990s, Trivial Pursuit became a major source of home entertainment for adults. People would host Trivial Pursuit parties inviting all of their friends and neighbors to come and play. Restaurants even began placing Trivial Pursuit cards at the table to keep people occupied while they waited for their meals.

  • Manufacturer: Horn Abbot, Ltd.
  • Material: printed cardboard | plastic
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: trivia
  • Object ID: 112.6406
  • Credit Line: Gift of Andrew Cosman and Mary Valentine
Creative Commons License