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Pennant: The Complete Game for the Sports Minded

board game

Pennant: The complete Game for the Sports Minded, a baseball simulation game, allows each participant to be the owner, general manager, and field manager of his or her own team. First the managers hold a draft and choose players, and then games are played. Only the crucial half an inning, determining the win, is played by means of dice and charts. The first player to win a series of twenty games is the winner of the pennant, and the game. John Francis Dudley, Sr. (1920-1983) a statistician at heart and a huge baseball fan, began development of Pennant in 1950. According to Dudley's family "after more than 25 years and countless versions of the game, our father's dream became a reality with the first and only printing of Pennant in 1977." The family assembled each game by hand in their living room. Dudley developed other games as well, but none other reached the market. The family believes that the advent of video games affected the success of Pennant, but they remain grateful to their father for the "memory and creativity" he shared with them. Game inventor and collector Sid Sackson owned this particular copy of Pennant.

  • Manufacturer: Destiny Inc.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard
  • Origin: Rockland, DE
  • Style: sport
  • Object ID: 111.2820
Creative Commons License