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Make Your Own Opoly The One of a Kind Trading Game

board game

1992 marked the year when the so-called "affinity versions" of the board game Monopoly began, with the first Monopoly: New York City. Since then, both official and non-licensed versions appeared, bearing names of cities and communities everywhere as well as other commercial products like Coca-Cola, sports, and hobbies and pastimes. Amazingly, the unofficial versions have not really damaged the saleability of the original, which Hasbro and other licensees crank out with renewed vigor yearly. The seemingly unlimited versions reached a peak in 1998 with the introduction of Make Your Own Opoly. A computer disc enclosed allows players to customize not only the game board and property names, but even the money carries the theme of your choice.

  • Manufacturer: TDC Games
  • Material: printed paper | ink | cardboard | plastic | CD
  • Licenser: Sagecliff Software, Inc.
  • Style: race | wealth accumulation
  • Object ID: 111.2143
Creative Commons License