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Class Struggle: To Prepare for Life in Capitalist America--An Educational Game for Kids from 8 to 80

board game

The later decades of the 20th century saw much political upheaval and change in many countries around the world. It was a time of experimentation and optimism, but also of exploitation and fear. Board games often reflect the times and the currents of popular culture and events. Just as the game Monopoly, the most popular game in America to date, celebrates the American capitalist ideal, many games through history try to show, and teach, alternative views. Class Struggle, a game copyrighted in 1978, is one such game. With two separate booklets of instructions, "Beginners," and "Play it like it is...but moreso," it is a board game with many of the special rules and luck-of-the-dice conditions of early role-playing games. Briefly, players pose as classes in society. Only Worker class and Capitalist class can win. The other classes--Farmers, Small Businessmen, Professionals, and Students--must ally with one of the major classes to win. Rolls of the dice control who plays which class: "you can't choose your class in America." The winning class is the one that finally reaches "revolution." But if the Capitalists land on "Nuclear War" before any other, the game ends immediately. Was this game popular? Probably not. It includes a note fromt the makers to urge "your local toy and hobby store" to carry it. The box cover image shows dramatic superimposed heads of Karl Marx and Nelson Rockefeller armwrestling.

  • Manufacturer: Class Struggle, Inc.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard
  • Origin: New York, NY
  • Style: luck | role-playing
  • Object ID: 111.1458
Creative Commons License