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board game | game prototype

Monopoly is the best selling board game of all time. The game's history is somewhat controversial; and Parker Brothers initially hid the source of its true origins. While the development of the game and its history may be contested, there is no doubt that Charles Darrow did have the idea to mass produce and market the game. He knew how much fun it was, and he played it at home with family and friends. Like others before the game was manufactured, Darrow made his own version by hand. Legend says he made the playing board round to fit his dining room table. The board is drawn, inked, and painted on canvas or oilcloth. The hotels are obviously cut from a piece of wood molding. The real estate cards and playing cards are made by hand, and the money is play money available for sale at that time. There were no playing pieces included but some charms and small figures come with this game, no doubt added by the players. This game actually descended in Charles Darrow's family. Millionaire collector Malcolm Forbes owned this game previously to The Strong.

  • Inventor: Charles Darrow
  • Manufacturer: Charles Darrow
  • Material: paint | ink | wood
  • Origin: Philadelphia, PA
  • Style: race | wealth accumulation
  • Object ID: 111.1431
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