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Show-biz: The Game of the Stars

board game

During the 1950s, the growth of the popularity of television and the increased visibility of the movie industry and of movie stars in general gave rise to many board games which capitalized on movie stars' draw power. Lowell Toys produced one glamorous game which took the names and likenesses of many of the premier (male) stars of the day, and bundled it into a sort of career-emulation and wealth accumulation game. Entertainers such as Jack Benny, Sammy Davis Jr., Red Buttons, and Bing Crosby once were household names and easily recognized. Playing the game, a star can have a hit or be a flop; buy a contract or publicity. The first to earn $500,000 dollars wins the game.

  • Manufacturer: Lowell Toy Mfg. Corp.
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard
  • Origin: Long Island City, NY
  • Style: dice | wealth accumulation
  • Object ID: 110.13641
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