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Monopoly Official Board Game 1 in 4 wins!

game | handbill

Introduduced as a production game in 1934, Monopoly is the world's best selling board game. Although today many different versions, marked for different places and organizations, are widely available, the classic version remains the most recognizable. The fast food giant McDonald's has, for the past twenty years, published its own mini-versions of classic Monopoly for customers to play, including this 2010 edition. Though technically "no purchase is required to win," the easiest way to get property cards is to purchase food at McDonald's. The property cards come with certain food purchases. Collect all two, three, or four of a color series (there are four railroads) and win the prize named for your winning group.

  • Manufacturer: McDonald's
  • Material: printed paper
  • Object ID: 110.12234
  • Credit Line: Gift of Nicolas Ricketts
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