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Sleuth the Classic Game of Deduction by Sid Sackson

card game

Sid Sackson (1920-2002) is considered by many one of the greatest game designers of all time. A civil engineer by training, he devoted his time, later in life, to playing, collecting, and designing games of all kinds. His financial game Acquire was among the first published in the famous 3M bookshelf game series, and it is still in publication. He also designed other games for 3M, including a series of smaller card games. 3M published these as part of its "Gamette" series, which was continued after Avalon Hill purchased the rights to the 3M game division. Since the demise of Avalon Hill, other game publishers have sought the rights to re-publish certain of Sackson's games. Face 2 Face Games brought out the card game Sleuth in 2004, which was originally one of the 3M Gamette series.

  • Inventor: Sid Sackson
  • Manufacturer: Face 2 Face Games
  • Material: printed cardstock | printed paper | plastic
  • Origin: China
  • Style: deduction
  • Object ID: 115.2802
  • Credit Line: Gift of Dale and Philip Friedman
Creative Commons License