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Look at the Schumck on that Camel Getting Over the Hump in Learning Yiddish

card game

In 1995 author Wilbur W. Pierce devised a card game for learing Yiddish words and phrases, which manufacturer Avalon Hill produced and marketed. With a title like "Look at the Schmuck on the Camel," the game attempted to cause a humorous stir among gamers and aficionados of Yiddish alike. It came complet with a poster of the cover design, a booklet from the designer, and a catalog to order "Camelite" products such as mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with camels. The game's design is both cute and clever, and it found a degree of popularity. However, a planned second edition, the "double hump" version, never made production.

  • Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
  • Material: printed paper | cardboard | cardstock
  • Origin: Baltimore, MD
  • Style: trivia
  • Object ID: 115.2574
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